Kinetico Premier Water Filter Systems for the Home

Clean water for every room in your home.

Best for
Landed property homes
High-rise homes
WQA certified
ANSI certified
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Macrolite filters up to 6x better than conventional commercial water filters

Conventional water filters use sand as a filtration media which is capable of filtering particles up to 30 microns in size.

Kinetico’s proprietary macrolite ceramic technology filters particles up to 5 microns in size, effectively filtering out sediments, iron & particulates from your water.

A water filter for your home that just works.

No cleaning.
No manual backwashing.
Kinetico’s Non-Electric Automatic Backwash means clean water with minimal maintenance for you.

Your clean water is powered exclusively by water.

Water flow & pressure is what powers your water filter - not electricity. This means lower maintenance costs, and zero electricity consumption.

Customized specifically for your needs

Each home undergoes a thorough water health assessment to ensure that the water filter products recommended are specific to you & your family’s needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

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