Summer Solar Water Heater

Did you know: The Malaysian sun can heat your water for up to 9 months of the year.
You should let it.

Best for landed property homes
Solar Keymark EU certified
Watermark AU certified

Consume up to 67%* less electricity with a solar-powered water heater

Make the tropical & perpetually hot Malaysian sun work for you. Summer’s Solar Water Heater technology absorbs the sun’s energy through its solar collector and uses that energy to heat your water.

Sized & customized specifically for your needs

Each home undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure stability and all products are sized specifically to your needs & your requirements. Our team is committed to ensuring that your water is hot when you need it to be.

Up to 15 years warranty

We’ve been around for 30+ years, and we’re in it for the long haul. Summer Solar Water Heaters come with warranty periods of up to 15 years and WaterHippos is just a phone call away if you need any help.

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Summer has been heating water in Malaysian homes since the 90s. Over 50% of solar water heaters in Malaysia are powered by Summer. All of Summer’s water heating products are fully made in Malaysia and certified by international standards of quality. WaterHippos is the appointed distributor of Summer-branded water heater products in Malaysia.

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