Waterhippos, Malaysia’s #1 authority on home water care

Historically a water heater manufacturer, WaterHippos has over 40 years of experience in Malaysian home water systems. The free water assessment that we begin our process with, allows you to make data-driven decisions about the water in your home.

We take our service seriously

Our team consists of certified engineers and experienced technical staff that is committed to delivering the best experience in water care. Our customers count on us for honest advice, and product recommendations that fit your needs, not the largest price tag.

Sustainability is our ethos.

We take pride in assuring that the entire life cycle of our products are accounted for, including environmentally-friendly disposal. We aspire to contribute to the growth of zero water waste homes in Malaysia - through the products we recommend or the services we provide.

For anything water-related, we want you to count on us.

Our 40 years of experience goes beyond water heating and filtering. Our team is qualified to assess a host of water issues that typically plague Malaysian homes such as pressure and hardness.

But beyond that, we are committed to making all these elements work together in a harmonious and optimized home water system for you and your family.