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*36 Month Care Guarantee T&C

  1. This Care Guarantee provides 36 Months of cover for the appliance serviced. Any issue with this appliance arising within this time period will be fully resolved by Water Hippos Sdn Bhd, inclusive of parts, appliance replacement and services rendered on the appliance.
  2. To ensure the integrity of the appliance, only Water Hippos authorised personnel are allowed to handle this appliance. External Party Tampering will invalidate the 36 Month Care Guarantee cover.
  3. Your 36 Month Care Guarantee takes effect on the day of completion of the recommended services, from payment to full delivery of service.
  4. You will need to agree to the full recommendation of service for this appliance by our Water Hippos experts in order to ensure your appliance is fully restored for consistent operations.
  5. This Care Guarantee covers ONLY the appliance being restored to full operational capability. Accessibility challenges and making good of ceiling, flooring, walls and other possible challenges to access the appliance are not covered by this guarantee.