Summer Electric Water Heaters

Designed by German engineers, manufactured to international standards

Best for
Landed property homes
High-rise homes
SIRIM certified
Suruhanjaya Tenaga certified for 0 electrical leakage

Manufactured to international safety & quality control standards

Using anti-corrosion, food-grade level materials means no dangerous heavy metals or chemicals will leech into your hot water. Moreover, each unit is extensively pressure tested to German standards.

Did you know: 60% of water heater breakdowns are due to improper installation?

Breakdowns inconvenience you and our team, so we are committed to avoiding them.

Our team of water experts will conduct thorough inspections of your home to ensure stabilityand fit. We also assess the needs of you and your family before making any recommendations.All products are sized to your specific needs and your home’s suitability.

Up to 15 years warranty

We’ve been around for 40+ years, and we’re in it for the long haul. Summer Electric Water Heaters come with warranty periods of up to 15 years and we are just a phone call away if you need any help.

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Summer has been heating water in Malaysian homes since the 90s. Over 50% of solar water heaters in Malaysia are powered by Summer. All of Summer’s water heating products are fully made in Malaysia and certified by international standards of quality. WaterHippos is the appointed distributor of Summer-branded water heater products in Malaysia.

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